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Main services of Tax & Legal

  • The evaluation and diagnosis of the Company’s tax situation, as well as the quantification, evaluation and management of contingencies that could have an impact on the fiscal determination.
  • Our service includes the evaluation and diagnosis of the Company’s tax situation, as well as the quantification, evaluation, The Form N° 3800, also call “Ultimate Beneficiary Owner”, is an obligatory informative declaration that has to be presented by companies and other legal entities with the objective of identifying the domiciled and not domiciled people that receive economic benefit from them.
  • Continuous legal advice in consultations related to IR, IGV and treatment of non-domiciled cone operations, as well as other aspects with fiscal implication.
  • It includes tax advice, attention and defense from the fiscal inspections initiated by SUNAT to sponsorship during all instances of the administrative process, including before competent judicial bodies.
  • Permanent support in the review and conceptual diagnosis of the monthly tax obligations, as well as the determination of the IR, IGV and other aspects with fiscal implication.
  • Personalized and comprehensive service for Companies that are installed in our country and that require, from the beginning, tax and legal services.
  • Legal support in international operations, analyzing the structure of the operation, the identification of fiscal risks and the optimization of the global tax rate.

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