Due Diligence

In this global market and opening thereof is necessary the service of special examinations for the purchase – sale to determine the best value for these operations. For this purpose, our multidisciplinary team will be in charge of advising and providing a service that integrates the evaluation of the financial, accounting, tax, labor situation, among others, and ensuring the most convenient value.

Our main purpose in performing due diligence is to reduce the risk of the buyer in the case of a transaction of purchase and sale of a company, making an independent and detailed evaluation of the business you wish to acquire.

In this regard, we advise our clients through a comprehensive and coordinated evaluation service, validating the financial, accounting, tax situation, etc. of their companies or those they wish to acquire to guarantee the value traded reflects the global situation of the company, so contribute to the decision to purchase, sell, invest, or merge.

Due diligence will help you negotiate since it is a deep and complete analysis of the whole situation of the company. Some of the aspects that can be identified during its performance are:

  • Synergies that can be exploited.
  • Hidden liabilities, accidental matters, or possible fiscal contingencies.
  • Possible environmental or labor contingencies.
  • Unprofitable business lines.
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