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Main services of Audit

  • Our main objective is to issue an independent audit opinion, in order to promote credibility in the Financial Statements.
  • Internal audit is an independent and objective assurance and consultation activity, designed to add value and improve the operations of an organization.
  • The tax audit is the process by which the tax information of a company is reviewed and validated. The objective is to identify contingencies and correct them in time before an audit. Thanks to this procedure, compliance with all tax obligations is verified, the rights of taxpayers are determined and a series of audit techniques and methods are applied to achieve this. Among the elements to be evaluated are the financial statements, accounting records and books, documentation of business operations, among others.
  • Our main objective is to analyze technical assistance based on its application in accordance with current regulations in order to issue the report required for submission to SUNAT, in such a way that the Company pays based on the 15% rate ( instead of 30%).
  • These services do not constitute an audit of financial statements in accordance with international auditing standards. Our objective is limited to preparing and presenting in the form of financial statements, information that constitutes the operations of the Company.
  • Our objective is to carry out a work of audit procedures previously agreed with the Management applied to one or more concepts, accounts or specific items of the financial statements
  • Our main objective is to align the processes with the Company’s strategy, which will allow us to identify opportunities for improvement to gain efficiency in the operation and reduce costs. Likewise, we will support you in updating and documenting your processes, allowing you to prepare the procedures manual. Likewise, we will evaluate the technological environment that supports the processes.
  • Our main objective is to collaborate and accompany the company in the diagnosis and implementation of IFRS, which will allow the Company to improve its financial function through greater consistency in accounting policies, obtaining potential benefits of greater transparency, increase in the comparability and improvement in efficiency.
  • Our objective is mainly to allow us to declare whether the financial statements provide a reasonable basis to express with limited certainty that it is not necessary to make substantial modifications to the Financial Statements for them to be presented in accordance with the IFRS in force in Peru.

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