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Main services of Consulting

  • Every purchase and sale process requires planning, preparation of the process and examination for verification and identification of risks and contingencies.
  • The purchase and / or sale of a company is a complex process that requires a thorough and exhaustive analysis. Our team with a wide experience can advise you.
  • In this global market and market opening, it is a necessity the service of special examinations for the purchase – sale, in order to determine the best value for these operations.
  • We provide advice on the integral management of warehouses and stocks that you provide according to the needs of each company through the proper establishment of procedures.
  • We provide solutions to optimize the management of fixed assets through our different services: Inventory of fixed assets – verification of the physical existence of the assets.
  • Analysis, modeling and structuring services for efficient capital needs, business financing and projects.
  • We assist in accessing solutions for Working Capital and Financing requirements through short and long term analysis.
  • According to some transactions or movements made by the client, you can obtain more information to start negotiating.
  • Currently, businessmen make strategic decisions in order to acquire new businesses, merge, split and sell strategic business lines. We follow all the required processes.
  • We provide the asset valuation service so that the company can be merged, split or incorporated into a new economic entity.

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We put at your disposal the best local and international support to deal with the different financial situations of our clients in the different corporate areas of a Company with local or foreign capital.

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