The Act 20/22 Partnership: Uniting the beneficiaries of tax incentives in Puerto Rico

29 April, 2024

Within the community of investors and businessmen who have chosen Puerto Rico as their new home due to the attractive tax incentives of ACT 60 (formerly known as ACT 20 and ACT 22) lies the ACT 20/22 Partnership. This non-profit, membership-based organization has established itself as the epicenter for those intending not only to benefit from these subsidies but also to contribute to the growth and development of the island.  

A Community of Vision and Mutual Support

Founded by Robb Rill, a pioneering beneficiary of these laws, who moved his private capital firm to the island in late 2012, the ACT 20/22 Partnership aims to foster a community focus and provide a collective voice for its members. The organization has caught the attention of major business media, such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and Business Week, highlighting its relevance and the effects generated locally and abroad.  

Services and Guidance for Members

Over the years, the Partnership has built a wealth of knowledge and reliable resources available to its members. This includes crucial information on professional services necessary for successful relocation and detailed guidance on the maximization of the benefits provided by Act 60. It is intended to ensure the maximum benefit from the incentives available to each member, enabling a smooth and rewarding transition back to life in Puerto Rico.  

Commitment to Philanthropy and Community Development

Beyond the tax benefits and support among its members, The Act 20/22 Partnership is deeply committed to contributing back to the Puerto Rican community. Through The Act 20/22 Act Foundation, its philanthropic arm, the organization provides grants to several local charities, supporting a wide range of initiatives benefiting the island as a whole. This philanthropic approach not only emphasizes the Partnership’s thankfulness for the benefits received but also reflects its commitment to the well-being and sustainable development of Puerto Rico.  


The ACT 20/22 Partnership exemplifies how tax incentives can go beyond individual benefit, fostering the creation of a cohesive community seeking personal and professional success and engaging positive contributions to their new home. By providing a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and mutual support, along with a strong commitment to philanthropy, the Partnership plays a crucial role in the economic and social development of Puerto Rico. For those interested in being part of this special community and learning more about its initiatives, please see their website: