Reference values to determine Vehicle Wealth Tax approved

12 January, 2022
Reference values to determine Vehicle Wealth Tax approved

Through Ministerial Resolution No. 003-2022-EF/15, the Ministry of Economy and Finance approves the table of reference values of vehicles to determine the taxable base of the Vehicle Wealth Tax for the fiscal year 2022.

1. Regulatory context

Article 32 of the Sole Ordered Text of the Municipal Taxation Law establishes that for the determination of the taxable base of the Vehicle Wealth Tax, which is constituted by the original value of the acquisition, importation, or entry into the patrimony, the reference table to be approved annually by the Ministry of Economy and Finance must be taken as a reference, considering an adjustment value for the age of the vehicle.

In this regard, to determine the reference values of the models and makes of vehicles to be considered in the Table referred to, the following is taken into account:

  • The evaluation of the information submitted by the SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria – Tax Administration Service) of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, and
  • Specialized information on the vehicle fleet in our country.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a new table of referential values:

2. New table of referential values

In order to determine the referential value of vehicles subject to the Tax manufactured before 2019, the value of the vehicle indicated for 2021 contained in the Annex of this Ministerial Resolution must be multiplied by the factor indicated for the year in which it was manufactured, included in the following table:

Year of manufacture Factor  
2018 0,7 
2017 0,6 
2016 0,5 
2015 0,4 
2014 0,3 
2013 0,2 
2012 and prior years 0,1 

It should be noted that the value determined according to the procedure indicated in the preceding paragraph must be rounded up to the higher ten of Soles if it is Five Soles (S/. 5.00) or more; or to the lower ten of Soles, if it is less than Five Soles (S/. 5.00).

3. Annex

In order to access the annex mentioned in the resolution, you can click here. Likewise, to read the complete resolution you can click here.

Source: El Peruano 11/01/22