New Dates for Requesting AFP Withdrawals

14 June, 2024

The Association of Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) has adjusted the dates for requesting the release of up to 20,600 soles. This is due to technical problems that recently occurred in the application portal.  

Adjustment in the Schedule

On Monday, June 10, technical difficulties were reported on the AFP’s dedicated retirement portal. In response, the AFP Association decided to modify the official schedule on its official website.  

Initially, the schedule indicated that contributors whose national identity card (DNI) ended in digit 8 could request the release of their funds between June 10 and 11. However, due to technical failures, the deadline was extended.  

Technical Problems in the Portal

The incident on June 10 caused concern among many affiliates. Those with DNI ending in 8 tried to enter the web page to register their application, but the high flow of simultaneous users caused the website to be disabled for several hours.  

Users’ concern was expressed in social networks, since the dates for the procedure are limited. The AAFP responded by extending the opening hours from June 10 until 22:00 (originally until 18:00).  

New Application Registration Timetable

Dates according to the last digit of the National Identity Card (DNI for its abbreviation in Spanish “Documento Nacional de Identidad”).:

  • DNI ending in 1: June 18  
  • DNI ending in 2: June 19  
  • DNI ending in 3: June 20  
  • DNI ending in 4: June 21  
  • DNI ending in 5: June 24  
  • DNI ending in 6: June 25  
  • DNI ending in 7: June 26  
  • DNI ending in 8: June 10, 11, 12 and 27  
  • DNI ending in 9: June 12th, 13th and 28th  
  • DNI ending in 0, letter or other: June 14 and 17, and July 1.  

Free Application Period: From July 2 to August 17, any member will be able to register their application regardless of their ID number.  

Additional Information

The changes in the schedule do not affect the disbursement dates, which will remain 30 days after the application is registered. If you have any questions or need more information, please visit the official website

Stay informed and do not miss your chance to apply within the new dates.