Peru and Chile Strengthen Trade Relations

30 April, 2024


The Peruvian Government has significantly leaped towards greater trade integration with Chile with the Supreme Decree 001-2024-Mincetur implementation. This measure sets forth the implementation of Ruling 11 of the Administrative Commission of the Free Trade Agreement between both countries.  

Commitment to a Fair and Dynamic Trade

Supreme Decree No. 001-2024-MINCETUR, issued on April 25, 2024, implements Ruling No. 11 of the Administrative Commission of the Free Trade Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Peru and the Republic of Chile. This ruling amends and replaces ACE No. 38, its annexes, appendices, protocols, and other instruments subscribed under it.  

Relevant Aspects

The text describes the implementation of decisions related to an agreement between Chile and Peru, referring specifically to the integration of an Administrative Commission and the Ruling No. 11 approval. This ruling substantially amends the protocols related to the dispatch and transportation of merchandise, such as the issuance of certificates of origin. The decree also establishes that the ruling will come into force after the fulfillment of the internal legal procedures of both parties and is notified to have occurred. The authority of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism to negotiate and implement international agreements in foreign trade matters is mentioned. Finally, the provision is based on the respective Peruvian legislation.  

Implementation of Supreme Decree 001-2024-Mincetur

As of May 1, 2024, this ruling, which intends to amend Articles 4.7 and 4.9 of Chapter 4 of the agreement, referring to the regime of origin, issuance, transportation, and issuance of merchandise certificates of origin, will come into force. The signature of this ruling dates from June 8, 2022, and has been ratified by this supreme decree.  

Transparency and Information Access

The complete text of this ruling is available on the Peruvian Trade Agreements website of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), thus providing transparency and access to information for all actors involved in bilateral trade between Peru and Chile.  


The Supreme Decree 001-2024-Mincetur implementation sets a milestone in the trade relations between Peru and Chile, strengthening bonds and promoting a fair and dynamic trade environment. Key amendments to the free trade agreement, along with transparency in the disclosure of information, reflect the shared commitment of both nations to promote economic growth and sustainable development in the region. This step reinforces trust between the trade players and sets the stage for even closer collaboration in the future.  


Source: Decreto Supremo