Visa Requirement Effects for Entering Mexico

16 April, 2024

As of April 20, Peruvian citizens will require a visa to enter Mexico for tourism and business purposes. Hence, mobility policy and international relations between both countries and their citizens will significantly change. 


In 2012, the Mexican Government abolished the tourist and business visa for Peruvians visiting the country for up to 180 days. This business visa allowed a foreigner to carry out business activities, such as signing contracts for a certain period. 

Conversely, due to this ruling, Peru would join Brazil, Venezuela, and Ecuador as South American countries to which the measure has been reimposed.  

Measure Exceptions 

This measure has worried many Peruvians who had planned a trip to the Mexican country. Conversely, representatives of the Mexican Embassy in Peru indicated that each case will be evaluated, and they will have to comply with the requirements, among them, passport and economic solvency. 

Likewise, Peruvian citizens with a valid and multiple entry-in-force visa for Canada, the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland or any country belonging to the Schengen area. 

Reasons for the Implementation of the Measure 

According to Mexican authorities, the increase in the flow of Peruvians who exceed the length of stay carry out activities other than those permitted by the situation of permanence or seek to illegally cross into the United States would be the reasons for the implementation of the visa requirement for Peru. 

Reactions to the Measure 

The director of the Peruvian Commission in Mexico for exports, tourism, and investment attraction (PROMPERÚ), María Teresa Villena, warned that trade relations would be harmed: “…generally our historical exports to Mexico ranged between US$ 400 and 500 million, but in 2022 and 2023 these exceeded US$ 800 million,” reported Villena. 

Thus, due to this measure, many businessmen must process their visas to travel to Mexico. According to the website of the Mexican embassy in Peru, the processing of tourist and business visas costs US$ 53. 

Decree Demanding Visas for Mexicans 

Last April 6, the Peruvian Government announced, by Supreme Decree No. 011-2024-RE, requiring visas for Mexicans who want to visit Peru, corresponding to a similar measure taken by Mexico. Conversely, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a communication dated April 10, disregarded the decision to request a visa. 


Source: Diario El Peruano