Third Payment on Account Due

13 December, 2021
Third Payment on Account Due

This December 10, the Revenue Administration Service (SAR) published a press release RRPP SAR 059-2021 on its website, reminding taxpayers of the third payment on account due date.

1. Due date

Sarahi Berrios, the Collection Specialist of the SAR, reminded the population and specifically the taxpayers subject to the regime that on December 31, 2021, expires the term to comply with the third payment on account of the Income Tax.

2. Balance verification

The collection specialist of the SAR reminded those subject to this payment that “balances may be verified through the Virtual Office from the comfort of the home or office, also paying through online banking.” 

3. Collection goal

According to the third and last payment on account of this year, the collection goal is 3.3 billion lempiras, so a good tax performance is expected as in previous years.

It should be noted that the term to file and pay the Sales Tax (ISV) for all the generated during November 2021 expired on December 10.

Source: SAR Gob. 13/12/21