Only 7% of Honduran politicians pay taxes

16 November, 2021
Only 7% of Honduran politicians pay taxes

A report was published on the “El Heraldo” website this November 15 regarding Honduran politicians evading taxes since only 7% of them contribute to the treasury.

1. Report on tax compliance

According to the aforementioned website, only 1,343 of the 20,292 candidates for elected office in Honduras pay taxes, i.e., only 7% contribute to the Treasury for the development of the country, according to Miriam Guzmán, director of the SAR (Servicio de Administración de Rentas – Revenue Administration Service).

According to the report, one of the three presidential candidates with a chance of winning paid a penny of taxes, the other did not declare, and only one paid 5%, being a sign of indifference of the presidential candidates, while salaried employees pay between 10% and 20% taxes.

2. Audit document

This information is contained in an audit document that the entity presented to the Honduran society. The report is called “Tax Behavior of Candidates,” which indicates that out of 32,733 politicians aspiring to the 3,038 public offices, 12,441 do not have a RTN (Registro Tributario Numérico – Tax Registration Number), being only 3,121 adhered to the invoicing regime.

3. Warning

The SAR director alerted the Clean Politics Unit on asking the source to finance their campaign if they do not comply with their tax obligations.

Source: El Heraldo 16/11/21