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Provision regulating Law 1391 establishes tax incentive

Provision regulating Law 1391 establishes tax incentive


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Through Board of Directors Normative Resolution No. 1021000018, Article 3 of Law 1391 is regulated, establishing tax incentives to import and commercialize capital goods, industrial plants, and freight vehicles of high volume and tonnage capacity for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

1. What does the aforementioned Article 3 establish?

Article 3° of Law 1391 provides that the commercialization in the domestic market of capital goods, industrial plants, and freight vehicles of high capacity in volume and tonnage for the agricultural and industrial sectors, including refrigerated vehicles, and heavy machinery for the construction and mining sectors, is subject to the zero rates of Value Added Tax – VAT.

2. Purpose and Scope?

The purpose of these regulations is to establish the procedure for VAT Zero Rate invoicing under Article 3 above. 

Likewise, this procedure will apply to those Taxpayers performing the type described in point 1.

3. VAT Zero Rate Invoicing

The issuance of invoices covered by the benefit established in Law No. 1391 shall be made through:

  • The Online Website invoicing modality.
  • In the ” VAT Zero Rate Invoicing Law No. 1391″ option of the “Invoicing System” module of the SIAT (Sistema Integrado de la Administración Tributaria – Integrated Tax Administration System), available at www.impuestos.gob.bo, exclusively to issue invoices at VAT Zero Rate in the application of Law No. 1391.

This option will allow the taxpayer to subscribe to this invoicing modality, as well as the addition to the National Taxpayers’ Registration List of the economic activity ” VAT Zero Rate Law Nº 1391 – Tax Incentives for the Agriculture, Industrial, Construction, and Mining Sectors”.

The access credentials (username and password) will be the same the taxpayer uses to access its Virtual Office.

4. Effectiveness

This resolution shall be in force until September 8, 2022.

Source: Impuestos Gob. 04/10/21

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