Extension to Affidavit and tax payment for specific oil companies

23 December, 2021
Prórroga a la DJ y pago de impuestos para empresas petroleras específicas

The National Tax Service has extended the deadline to file affidavits and pay taxes for certain oil companies through the Normative Resolution of the Board of Directors No. 102100000028.

1. Which companies does this extension apply to?

According to this regulation, this extension applies to the YPFB (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos – Bolivian Fiscal Oilfields) with NIT 1020269020 and the Oil Companies with current Operating Contracts signed with the aforementioned state-owned company under Law No. 3058, which have been approved by the Legislative Body.

2. What are the new dates?

The new schedule is as follows:

January Until February 22, 2022 
February Until March 22, 2022 
March Until April 22, 2022 
April Until May 22, 2022 
May Until June 22, 2022 
June Until July 22, 2022 
July Until August 22, 2022 
August Until September 22, 2022 
September Until October 22, 2022 
October Until November 22, 2022 
November Until December 22, 2022 
December Until January 22, 2022 

Such companies must consider these new deadlines to comply with their tax obligations.

To read the complete regulations, please click here.

Source: Impuestos Gob. 23/12/21