Beneficiaries must renew their Re-VAT registration

21 December, 2021
Beneficiaries must renew their Re-VAT registration

On December 18, 2021, the “ATBdigital” website published the renewal of the registration in the Re-IVA by taxpayers. Let’s see:

1. SIN’S communique

According to the above-mentioned web portal, the SIN (Servicio de Impuestos Nacionales – National Tax Service) invites beneficiaries to renew their registration in the Value Added Tax Cash Refund System (Re-IVA), through the web page, Virtual Office, “Re-VAT Beneficiaries Registration” and “Re-IVA Renewal 2022”.

2. Renawal of Re-VAT autorization

With the renewal of their authorization in the Re-IVA, the beneficiaries will update the information on their average income for the previous three months, which must be equal to or less than Bs 9,000, as established in Law No. 1355 and its Regulatory Decree No. 4435.

3. Data to be provided

It is specified that, at the time of registration, beneficiaries must provide their full name, identification document number, address, telephone number, and other information. This information is an affidavit.

4. Purpose of Re-VAT

Thus, the National Government implemented in December 2020 the Re-VAT to channel resources to the neediest Bolivian families and reactivate the economy.

The registration to receive this social benefit is permanently open for individuals with an average monthly income equal to or less than Bs 9,000.

Source: ATB Digital 20/12/21