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Benefits for tourists traveling to CAN countries in private vehicles

Benefits for tourists traveling to CAN countries in private vehicles


During the 154th extraordinary meeting of the CAN (Comisión de la Comunidad Andina – Andean Community Commission), different facilities were approved for tourists to travel through the territory of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Peru, countries members thereof.

What were the facilities granted?

  1. First, it was approved to facilitate the entry, temporary stay, and exit of tourists’ private vehicles in the territory of these four countries. In this regard, tourists visiting the countries by land in private cars, entering, and exiting through official border points, will be exempt from taxation.
  2. Second, the Common Nomenclature for the Designation and Codification of Goods of the CAN Member Countries (Nandina), established under the harmonized system of the World Customs Organization, “facilitating the identification and classification of goods, the compilation of statistics, customs management, and the implementation of national tariffs.”
  3. Third, the extension of the deadline that allows the four countries to temporarily suspend the application of Decision 483 on standards related to the registration, control, marketing, and use of veterinary products, was granted until October 28, 2022.
  4. Finally, the Regulations of the Community Initiatives Fund were adopted, seeking to financially support programs and projects proposed by the countries, the Technical Committees and Working Groups of the Andean Community, and the General Secretariat, aimed at contributing to the objectives of integration.

What is the purpose of these new measures?

According to the Secretary-General of the CAN, Jorge Hernando Pedraza, who assured that “this new Andean regulation that offers facilities for the circulation of the more than 111 million citizens of the CAN, will contribute to reactivate the tourism sector and consequently to the economic and social recovery of our region.”

When will these regulations be implemented?

The regulation will enter into force 180 days after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Cartagena Agreement. Thus, tourists visiting the countries by land with their private car, entering, and leaving through official border points, will be exempt from taxation.

For more information on this regulation, please follow the source below:

Source: La República 25/10/21

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