The new invoicing modalities introduce changes in other regulations

9 December, 2021
The new invoicing modalities introduce changes in other regulations.

Given the new invoicing modalities introduced, the Board of Directors’ Normative Resolution No. 102100000024 provides for the updating of the tax regulation related to the RC-VAT to consider the nature of the Digital Tax Documents issued through the online invoicing modalities.

1. Modified regulations

On the one hand, RND No. 10-0017-15 is modified, which establishes the tax treatment of payments arising from transactions whose total value is equal to or greater than Bs50,000.

Likewise, these payments must be supported with documents issued or recognized by the financial system and/or the BCB and implement the tax control mechanisms related to the obligations of the taxpayers and/or responsible third parties and taxpayers in general.

On the other hand, RND No. 102000000025 is also modified, which regulates the use of the MIS FACTURAS application for dependent taxpayers of the RC-VAT.

2. Modified provisions

Regarding the first rule, the following text is incorporated as the second paragraph of Paragraph I of Article 9 of the aforementioned Resolution:

“In the case of Digital Tax Documents registered in the Tax Administration’s database, it shall not be necessary to print the Graphic Representation of the Digital Tax Document, nor the invoice for contingency, corresponding to attach to Form 110, copy or photocopy of the payment documents and the bank credit or loan agreement supporting the deferred payments when applicable, indicating the invoice number to which they are linked.”

Regarding the second rule, the following text is incorporated as the second paragraph of Article 4 of the aforementioned Resolution:

“Invoices issued through an online invoicing modality shall be automatically identified and marked as “electronic” in the F-110 V.4 through the My Invoices application, in which case the presentation of the graphic representation of the Digital Tax Document to the employer shall not be necessary.”

3. Ease of adaptation to the new system

This resolution states that for facilitating the adaptation of taxpayers to the new system and guarantee continuity in the issuance of invoices, taxpayers designated to use the Online Web Portal invoicing modality for the issuance of their invoices may optionally use the Virtual Office invoicing modality on a transitory basis until December 31, 2021.

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Source: Impuestos Gob. 09/12/21